Tuesday, December 1, 2020

 Over Thanksgiving Weekend the Haddam Historical Society hosted a history scavenger hunt where groups had to find examples of a building or site to answer the clue. Congratulations to all our teams!

Great Job!

We asked participants to submit pictures of some of the places they found and visited.

1. Find an example of granite used in a building, monument, architecture or landscapes:

                                                        Haddam Jail- The Cirillo Family

2. What power source did early entrepreneurs use to power their factories and mills?

Higganum River at Higganum Cove.
Site of Russell Manufacturing, Frismar, Frissell Company
Waller Family

3. Photograph a stone wall in town that marks a property or field boundary.

Field Park Stone Wall- Lecky Family

4. One of Haddam's one-room schoolhouses still standing.                                                                              

First District School House/Haddam Senior Center
Ashley Wiknik and Sarah Prue

5. Find an example of a Colonial era house.

The Thomas Church House, Russell Road, Haddam
Cirillo Family

6. Find a large rock or rock outcropping in town that is unique to Haddam.

Flag Rock, Candlewood Hill Road
Waller Family

Eagle's Beak (part of Mattabesett Trail)
Novak/Gifford Family

7. Find an early example of transportation.

Wagon Wheel AND train tracks
Cirillo Family

8. Find the location of a building that no longer stands.

Site of Higganum Union School, Higganum Green
Novak/Gifford Family

Site of Courthouse on Courthouse Green, Haddam
Waller Family

9. Find a building that has been adaptively reused from its original use.
Former Shad Shack, now used as a museum
Waller Family

10. Visit a preserve or state park.
Haddam Meadows
Novak/Gifford Family